Slash Hostel and International Paying guest service Pvt. Ltd.

Hostel Fees :

  • Admission fee 3000/-
  • Security charge 3000/-  (Refundable)
  • Laundry annual Charge 3500/-  (annual)
  • Monthly Fee 8500/-


  • Food Facility [ -Breakfast  – Lunch    – Snacks    -Dinner ] (According to the weekly schedule including meet and egg once a week )
  • Library with Internet
  • Tuition in hostel
  • Laundry Facility
  • 24 hours water supply and hot water for bathing
  • 24 hours light facility for study

Rules and regulation:

  • Wake up time at least 5.30 am in the morning
  • Students are not allowed to bring their friends in the hostel .
  • Students must fill outgoing and incoming time with purpose in the daily record book.
  • Students must entered in the hostel premises by 6.30 pm in the winter and 7 pm in summer season.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to make noise, play and fight.
  • If Students are found smoking or drinking alcohol or using bad words they will be immediately restricated.
  • If any infra structure /equipments are being destroyed/damaged by the students they should maintain by their selves.
  • The hostel is not responsible for any activities done by the students out of hostel premises.
  • Students are notify to follow the rules and regulations mentioned above if they are  found breaking the rules once   they will be warned and  finally will be restricated from the hostel.


Paying Guest charge:

Enrollment charge  :                                        3000/-

Security charge  :                                              3000/-

Laundry monthly fee                                      2000/-

Monthly Charge                                               25000/-



  • Food Facility [ Tea/coffee, Breakfast, Lunch ( Nepali food ), Snacks , Dinner ] (  including Egg, Fish, Meat once a week)
  • Single room With more than 1 mbps internet speed, TV and 24 hours power backup.
  • Laundry Facility and hot water for bathing
  • Library with internet and Daily news bulletin .
  • Vehicle reservation
  • Licensed Tourist Guide