slash-education-foundation-managing-directorIn Today’s globalized world the biggest challenge for the educators is to prepare the students for continuous changing demands, new knowledge, and skills. Only by having theoretical knowledge/ educational degree no institutions can produce skilled human resource.

The economic empowerment through technical education would generate the multiplier effect in terms of economic activity and provide dignified income to the people; we believe vocational training is the one of the biggest tips to advance the society. We provide world class vocational training and educational excellence as per the demand of current market.

With the entire team, Slash Education Foundation comes up in flying colors; It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure. We all as team are with the same vigor and energy and have earned a reputation and credibility that takes decades for any institution to establish. I praise the teachers, as well as administrative staff of the institution who have been striving to maintain the highly valued (cherished) standard.