The main objectives of our organization are as follows:

  • To facilitates on self-employment and employment after completion of training
  • To arrange research and development program about national and international labor market
  • To provide free and paid training facilities to the marginalized and back warded people from remote area in different trainings.
  • To conduct orientation class for foreign employment labors prior to deployment
  • To coordinate with recruitment agencies for the placement of trainee
  • To reduce unemployment rate through skill transformation
  • To penetrate with marginalized, disadvantage, women and poor for inclusiveness
  • To impact knowledge, technologies and skills to change people’s life style
  • To conduct massive collective effects after employment and self employment as a venture with our product
  • To go to variety of and provide mobile training viewing on the situation of unskilled and unemployed youth and also to make  them skilled and provide employment opportunities
  • To provide home care service for the Old age people.

  1. Description of the need met by the training program

Technical and vocational education forms a fundamental part of a country’s economy. It builds up human capital needed for the production of goods and services. It provides opportunities to target learners in acquiring knowledge and skills of a particular occupation needed for gainful employment. Although it is not possible to supply skilled human resources in all types of occupation required globally. Nepal can supply part of semi skilled and skilled human resources required in foreign employment market. By observing the scope of human recourses in internal and external labor market, various types and areas of training is required for the changing needs of the market.

Majority of workforce in business and industry in Nepal is found unskilled. It is very difficult to get highly skilled workforce. To fulfill the requirement of skilled technical workforce, establishment of technical training institute is preferred. Our planning is to expand the institution up to the world class technical school. In order to make the workforce absorbable in the labour market, especially in the context of changing technology as well as competitive labour market identifying the kind and level of work force is essential. The quality human recourse helps the country in process of modernization and industrialization.

The sole objectives of current development planning in Nepal are poverty alleviation. Government has made policy to increase the volume of remittance by supply Nepali workforce to industrialized country. Remittance plays a key role to alleviate poverty. By realizing the fact no one can ignore role of vocational education for economic development of entire nation. Due to this, our concern is to empower the citizen of nation by providing skill training as per demand of workers in national and international market.

  • The understanding of safety regulation and procedures leads to fewer injuries, which is turn leads to reduce insurance costs and less employee downtime.

 Enhanced workplace efficiencies:

  • Greater understanding of job demands and procedures facilitates communications and enhances workplace efficiencies.
  • When literacy skills are enhanced employees are better suited to meet the demands of job and better prepared to assume greater responsibilities and seek promotion.

            More vibrant and engaged workforce:

  • An organization active in offering education and employment opportunities is more likely to retain its employees.
  • Employees who participate in literacy and essential skills programs increase their level of self-confidence acquire new skills are better prepared to seek promotion opportunities and believe that they are valued by their workplace.

            Increased competitiveness:

  • Enhanced literacy skills prepare employees for managerial and technological changes in the workplace, and position the company for greater competitiveness.

            Enlarged employment opportunities:

  • Greater literacy and numeracy skills improve chances of individuals finding work and attaining promotions on the job.

Areas of Specialization:

SLASH Education Foundation has a potentiality of various vocational Training programs as per demand driven based focusing to employment and self employment. SLASH EDUCATION FOUNDATION specialized with the entire sector trainings and firm has also broadened areas of specialization  in the foreign employment. The Firm is well experience in detailed research and development on international and national labor markets.


4.Target population:

As we know that many people are unemployed and there is lack of skilled manpower in the market too. Therefore the target populations for the skill training are those between 18 to 45 age growing unemployed and those who are unable to complete their education. We mainly target groups such as Dalits, Janajati, Muslims and unemployed youths.